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Misti and Titu: An Enchanting Ant and Elephant Story

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Welcome to the enchanting world of ‘Misti and Titu,’ where the realms of ants and elephants intertwine in a captivating story. In this short tale, witness the profound lesson an ant imparts to a crazy elephant. Eager to unravel? Read on. # Ant and Elephant Story

Once upon a time, Nandu and his army of monkeys were living in the forest with gratification. Nandu was the head of his army, and all the monkeys used to obey his command. Their days were passing with contentment as there was no shortage of food. The abode was full of trees and fruits. One day, Titu elephant from another part of the forest came and started to destroy Nandu’s province. He uprooted many trees.

Nandu (with humble) – Hey brother, why are you uprooting trees? This forest is our motherland. Go away from our abode; otherwise, it will not be good for you.

Titu (with arrogance) – Frivolous monkey, what will you do? If you have guts, come and fight with me.

In this way, Tito started to deracinate more and more trees to tease Nandu. This incident made Nandu upset. The entire monkey-army was in melancholy, and everyone came to Nandu.

Monkey-army (in one voice) – O king, what to do now? There is nothing to eat in our abode. Tito has ruined everything.

Nandu – Friends, don’t panic. We will get a solution to this problem.

Monkey-army (with curiously) – How?

Nandu – My friend, Motu Hathi (an elephant named Motu Hathi), will help us.

Nandu reached Motu Hathi.

Motu Hathi – Nandu, how did you remember me early in the morning? Is everything fine?

Nandu – Nothing is good; I am tense. An elephant named Tito has come from our neighboring forest and created a lot of devastation. He is uprooting all trees.

Motu Hathi (with surprise) – What are you saying? When did this happen? Nobody told me.

Nandu – Busy creature, try to get some time from your busy schedule of sleep and be awake.

Motu Hathi (angrily) – Titu has to leave our forest. I will shake his world.

Motu Hathi and Nandu arrived at the place of destruction.

Motu Hathi (with trumpeting) – Titu, run away from here; otherwise, the results will not be in favour of you.

Titu – If you have the courage, come and fight. I will leave this place if you win.

Motu and Titu started a fight. Titu elephant was young and potent, whereas Motu Hathi was seventy years old. Titu won the fight. Due to it, Motu Hathi sat in a place with the grief of defeat.

Motu Hathi (with sorry) – Nandu, I could not help you.

Nandu – Friend, don’t give up.

Motu and Nandu started to think about the eradication of Titu. Suddenly, Motu Hathi got an idea of his friend Misti, an ant. 

Motu Hathi (happily) – Nandu, how did I forget Misty Ant? She can help us.

Nandu and Motu went to Misty’s palace.

Misty – Nandu, and Motu, how did you come to my palace? How can this queen help you?

Motu – A devil Titu elephant has created panic in this forest. Now only you are our protector. Come with us and cripple him with your sting.

Misty walked with them. She slowly reached Titu’s trunk and stung dangerously. Tito started wiggling due to pain.

Misty – If you want your life, then go away from this forest; otherwise, I will take your life.

Titu – Forgive me; I will never return back.

Titu ran from there. Motu and Nandu thank Misty. This way, Nandu and the entire monkey-army get rid of the Titu elephant.

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