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Gaban (Embezzlement) Penned by Premchand Ji : Unveiling Women’s Struggles in a Timeless Classic

Last Updated: March 03, 2024

Welcome to an exploration of “Gaban.” The word “Gaban” literally translates to embezzlement. It is a renowned Hindi novel penned by Premchand Ji, the emperor of novels. First published in 1931, “Gaban” remains a timeless classic in Indian literature. The novel delves into profound themes that resonate through time. Through its pages, Premchand Ji vividly portrays the relentless grip of male pride, driving individuals to preserve their artificial egos at any cost, despite the ensuing devastation. Concurrently, he unveils the stark plight of women in society, depicting the heart-wrenching reality of family members arranging marriages for young girls to older men, oblivious to their wishes. Captivated by the poignant narrative and depth of this novel? Join us as we venture into the soul of this timeless literary masterpiece. # Gaban Premchand Summary in English

In the novel, Jalpa is portrayed as a character of striking beauty with a passion for jewelry, whose marriage is arranged with Ramanath. Shortly after their wedding, Ramanath boasts of his wealth, leaving Jalpa with the impression of him being affluent. However, when she requests jewelry, Ramanath, driven by pride, borrows extensively to fulfill her desire but fails to return the borrowed amount on time. For the sake of jewellery, he even embezzles government money from the place where he used to work. Fearing the consequences, Ramanath leaves his home and flees to Kolkata.

While fleeing from home, Ramanath encounters a gentleman named Devinath on the train, who offers him shelter. One evening, as Ramanath returns from watching a play, he is apprehended by the police. Fearing they have discovered his embezzlement, he confesses to his crime. Seizing the opportunity, the police incarcerate him and coerce him into acting as a witness in a case against revolutionaries. Driven by fear, Ramanath complies with the police. In exchange for his cooperation, they provide him with accommodation in a bungalow and assign a prostitute named Zohra to entertain him.

When Jalpa arrives in Kolkata in search of Ramanath, she vows to seek redemption upon learning of her husband’s crime. Jalpa assists those whose family members are facing execution. However, Jalpa’s health begins to deteriorate due to her tireless efforts. One day, as Ramanath drives along the road in his car, he catches sight of Jalpa. Witnessing her frail condition shatters his heart. Ramanath instructs Johra to find him. Upon meeting Jalpa, she urges Ramanath to embrace the path of truth. Realizing his mistakes, Ramanath confesses the truth to the judge. Consequently, the judge reverses the decision to execute the revolutionaries. Following this, Ramanath, Jalpa, and Johra return to Prayag and begin anew.

The second heroine of the story is Ratan. She is Jalpa’s close friend, supporting her through her struggles and aiding her in the search for Ramanath. Ratan is married off without her consent to a middle-aged lawyer. She serves him tirelessly day and night, yet she is never able to develop feelings of love for him. The lawyer fulfills Ratan’s every wish without hesitation. However, he passes away without making a will, leaving Ratan in dire straits. After his death, her in-laws seize all her property and throw her out of the house. In her time of need, Jalpa offers her a place to stay at her house. Zohra and Ratan forge a strong friendship. Zohra decides to leave her life as a prostitute and begins a journey of selfless service. Ratan passes away due to severe illness. During a flood in the river Ganga, Johra tragically loses her life while trying to rescue a drowning traveler. Ramanath and Jalpa were unable to save her from drowning.

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