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Thank You, Corona Warriors!

This article has a general analysis of Covid19 in India with a future alert of the mutation in Coronavirus.

When the first wave of the Covid19 reached in India, the government became aware. They instructed people to stay at home. Soon the country was imprisoned in the shackles of lockdown for a few months. The effort of Corona Warriors—doctors, nurses, scientists, government, and all the public gave a positive result. Therefore, within a few months, the situation came under control. Offices and markets started to open. Gradually life came back on track, and the government started handling the economy.

Only a short time had passed that the central government, the state governments, and the people became happy-go-lucky. They forgot Coronavirus. Politicians got busy in election rallies for their victory. People also forgot that they had to be careful. Politicians can be careless since they can’t have a shortage of beds, oxygen, and medicines in hospitals if they suffer from Coronavirus. How did the public forget, “If they suffer from Corona, they will not get hospitals, beds, and oxygen?”

During the first wave of Covid19 in India, politicians asked the public to maintain the distance. But this time public and politicians both forgot their responsibility. The results of this were visible to us from election rallies to Kumbh Mela. The people became so careless that they started taking off masks, stopped using sanitizers, and crowds started gathering. They became sure that Coronavirus wouldn’t come again. But it returned and is still among us and has become more powerful than before.

Once again, Coronavirus is wreaking havoc from city to village. Some are yearning for oxygen, some for medicines, and some for last rites. Millions of people stepped forward to help, but many people filled their bank accounts by rigging. On one side, people are dying, and on another side, a political party is blaming another political party. They are running their political shop.

This time Coronavirus didn’t even leave the village. There are neither adequate health facilities nor doctors for our villagers. They are either recovering on their own or are in death.

Coronavirus has shown a mirror to our health facilities. We still need to focus and spend a lot on health facilities; otherwise, we must be ready to face more problems. We shouldn’t forget, “Coronavirus can mutate.”

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