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Truth Alone Triumphs: A Farmer’s Journey with Lost Oxen

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

This post contains a short story conveying the message ‘Truth Alone Triumphs.’ Dive into the emotional narrative depicting the relationship between a farmer and his lost oxen. Curious? Read on to explore this touching tale.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named Baldev in a village. He had a pair of oxen named Heera and Moti. Baldev loved and took care of them. He never used to commit violence against them as done by other farmers during the plow. They were loyal to their master, and both of them obeyed his orders. They were assiduous on the farm. Everybody in the village longed to keep those oxen.

Although everyone would keep an eye on Heera and Moti, Balveer, who lived in the neighboring village, used to think every moment about his oxen. He had a craving for them and wanted to sell them for his profit.

One day, suddenly, the idea of ​​stealing oxen came to Balveer’s mind. It was the night of Amavasya (the new moon day); neither a star nor the moon was in the sky. Balveer thought that he would never get a chance like that. He left his home at midnight so that no one could see him. Reaching Baldev’s house, he secretly opened Heera and Moti from the peg.

At dawn, Baldev’s wife Rukmini went to the cowshed to feed the animals. Not finding her oxen, she ran away from there and went to Baldev.

Rukmini (gasping in fear) – Hey, Heera and Moti are not in the cowshed.

Baldev – Have you eaten cannabis in the morning? If oxen are not in the cowshed, where will they go?

As soon as Baldev came to the cowshed to clear his doubts, he was aghast. The news of stealing oxen spread like a fire in the whole village. All the villagers tried their best to find oxen but failed. They couldn’t find any trace of oxen. In the end, Baldev realized that someone had stolen his oxen.

The next day, Baldev reached the neighboring village to find his oxen. He wandered here and there for some time; suddenly, he found a pair of oxen like his oxen plowing a field. He came near to oxen and hugged them. Tears of love were dribbling out of the eyes of Heera, Moti, and Baldev.

The man who was plowing the field (by surprise) – Hey brother, what are you doing? Why are you hindering my work? Go away from here.

Baldev (getting angry) – You had stolen my oxen.

The person plowing the field – I did not steal; I had bought these oxen from Balveer.

On hearing these words, Baldev got furious and punched his face. The person fell to the ground and told Baldev once again that he bought oxen from Balveer.

The man took Baldev to Balveer’s house. Balveer was astonished by seeing Baldev and oxen. He was dripping with sweat as Baldev was reaching him. On seeing Balveer, Baldev punched his nose.

Baldev (furiously) – You didn’t feel ashamed while stealing my oxen?

Balveer (with afraid) – What are you talking about, brother; I don’t even know you. These were my oxen; you are falsely accusing me.

Baldev – I am not making any false accusations; these are my oxen.

There was a long fight between the two without any conclusion. When the quarrel increased, the villagers called a havildar (sergeant).

Havildar – Tell me exactly who is the master of these oxen; otherwise, I will imprison you.

Balveer – I am master of these oxen.

Baldev – No, no, sir; these are my oxen.

Havildar could not resolve the matter. Finally, an old Grandma from the village came with advice.

Grandma – We should leave the oxen in the forest and wait until evening. I am sure these oxen will go to a real master’s abode.

Villagers released oxen into the forest, and in the evening, Heera and Moti went to Baldev’s house. Baldev became ecstatic; tears of love began to dribble out of his eyes.

Baldev (caressing Heera and Moti) – Villagers, see, these are my oxen.

Balveer was stunned; his lie was in front of everybody. He fell on Balveer’s feet with folded hands and started apologizing.

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