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Godan: Munshi Premchand’s Portrayal of Rural Bharat – Summary

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Welcome, readers, to a literary journey into the heart of rural India with the timeless masterpiece ‘Godan’ by Munshi Premchand Ji. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the emperor of novels as we embark on this exploration. Now, let’s dive into the summary of Godan.

Unveiling “Godan”: A Comprehensive Summary

In Godan, Premchand Ji mentioned the helplessness and despair of the poor farmers in the village due to the loan of zamindar. The story revolves around several characters representing different classes. One aspect depicts the life of poor Hori. He works hard throughout his life and suffers many pains. The second aspect of the story is related to the city, which shows how the urban rich spend money to fulfill their hobbies.

In Godan, Premchand Ji presents a balanced mixture of two stories of village and city. Hori and his wife Dhaniya desire to keep a cow. Hori asks Bhola about the price of the cow. Bhola said to him that he would not get a cow for less than eighty rupees. Bhola’s wife was dead. He was looking for a new bride. Hori promises Bhola that he will find a new bride for you. Bhola agrees and gives a cow to Hori. Hori’s younger brother Heera got jealous after seeing the cow. he poisoned the cow and fled for fear of police action.

Bhola’s daughter, Jhunia, is a widow. Hori’s son Gobar falls in love with Jhunia. She becomes pregnant. Due to this fear, Gobar runs away. Hori and his wife accept low caste girl Jhunia as their daughter-in-law. Hori is facing heavy debt. He gets a loan from Ramsavak, so Hori marries her daughter Rupa to old age Ramsavak. Much work causes Hori’s death. Hori is depicted as a poor hardworking farmer beset by debt and many circumstances.

Exploring Characters in “Godan”

The Village’s Characters


Dhania is a fearless lady and can’t tolerate injustice. If someone is unjust, she opposes them firmly. This is why she is my best character.


Hori is a poor farmer. He married Dhania. They have two daughters Sona, Rupa, and a son Gobar. Hori has two younger brothers whom he is always ready to help.


Gobar is the son of dhania and hori. He falls in love with Jhunia, and she becomes pregnant. Gobar flees the city due to Hori’s fear.


Dattadin is a Brahmin and greedy moneylender. He punishes Hori for giving shelter to a lower-class girl Jhunia.

The Urban’s Characters

Malati Devi

Malati is a beautiful and intelligent doctor. She did her education in Europe. She is the center of attraction among the people, especially among the youth. Malati falls in love with Mehta due to Mehta’s simplicity.


Mehta is a professor of philosophy in the college. He spends his money in the service of the poor. He falls in love with Malti. 


Khanna owns a sugar factory. Govindi is his wife. Despite being the father of three children, he is also having an affair with Malti. Most of the time, he uses to insults his wife Govindi in front of everyone.

There are many twists in Godan, which are heart-touching. You should read this novel once in your life.

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