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From Rivalry to Companionship: Mithu and Harry, Two Parrots

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

This is a short story on greed. It is about the two Parrots’ journey from antagonism to friendship.

Once upon a time, there was a mango tree in a forest, which was the abode of two parrots named Mithu and Harry. They used to fight for small things, especially for the mangoes of that tree. Mithu had a craving for a monopoly on that tree, and the same was Harry’s desire. Other parrots in the forest were also disturbed by their terror. Both of them were so powerful that other parrots in the forest were afraid of them. If any parrot came to the tree to eat mangoes, both of them would expel them. Due to fear, no one dares to go there.

One day, at dawn, Mitthu and Harry had a fierce battle. The conflict shoots up so much that it occurred from morning to noon, but the matter between the two didn’t resolve. A cat named Adhira was passing through that place.

Mithu (making a loud sound) – Hey brother, Adhira, where are you going? Come here, please.

Adhira was hungry. Hence thinking that he would get some food, he became happy. Adhira ran and reached near the mango tree.

Adhira (in the craving for meat) – What’s the matter, Mithu?

Mithu and Harry narrated their dispute to him.

Adhira (thinking for a while) – Okay, I shall resolve your clash. One who will first come near me; I shall consider him innocent. Mithu and Harry could not understand his trick, and Mithu came to Adhira. Adhira pounced on him; Mithu shouted with dread. Harry ran from there and reached the abode of a dog named  Bholu.

Harry (with a fearful voice) – Hey Bholu, I need your help. Please help me.

Bholu (with barking) – What happened? Why are you petrifying?

Harry – Adhira has cleverly captured Mithu. He will kill him.

Bholu (furiously) – Oh Adhira, how dare you touch my friend! Today no one can save you from my anger.

Bholu and Harry quickly reached near the mango tree. Bholu attacked Adhira and Adhira left that place with dismay and fear. The injured Mithu thanked Harry and Bholu. Harry took care of Mithu. Due to it, Mithu became healthy in a few days.

Now there is no dispute between Mithu and Harry. Their antagonism has turned into friendship. The mango tree has now become the home of many parrots.

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