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A Clever Fox Story: Unveiling the Comedy of Two Silly Cats

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Welcome to the enchanting world of ‘A Clever Fox Story.’ Brace yourself for a whimsical journey as two silly cats engage in a comical tussle over a chunk of meat, only to be outsmarted by the cunning fox. Eager to immerse yourself in the tale? Read on for a delightful adventure!

Once upon a time, there were two cats named Akira and Adhira. They lived in a forest. Both were monarchs of their respective kingdoms, and they were living in perfect amity. Akira was ruling one part of the forest, and Adhira was governing another part. Their empires were prosperous.

Once there was a famine of food and drink in the forest, and cats of the two kingdoms started fighting among themselves for foodstuff. In this quarrel, many cats and other animals  lost their lives.

When Akira could not find anything to eat in his empire, he came to the kingdom of Adhira in search of food. He found a piece of meat lying on the ground. It made him delighted.

As Akira jumped on the flesh to clutch it, Adhira also came there.

Adhira (with shouting) – Akira, this piece of meat is not yours. It is mine since you have found it in my kingdom. Leave it; otherwise, the consequences will be atrocious.

Akira (in anger) – I have found this lump of meat; hence it is mine, and I will eat it.

For a long time,  there was a hot debate between them. Eventually, the war of words converted into a fight. A fox named Moti had been watching it for many hours. He quickly came near them.

Moti – My adorable brothers Akira and Adhira, your friendship is well known all over the globe. Fighting for flesh is not a good solution for two best friends. It would be best to share this chunk of meat.

Akira – No, it is mine. I have found it, and I will not share it.

Adhira – Akira found this hunk of meat in my kingdom, so I have full right over it.

Moti – Come with me; I have a solution for your problem.

Akira and Adhira (together) – Where?

Moti – Now, king Babbar will decide the owner of this flesh.

Akira and Adhira agreed with Moti and started to follow Moti.

After walking some distance, Moti (with gasping) – Friends, I have exhausted. We must take some rest.

Akira and Adhira agreed to Moti, and they all sat under a big tree. A few moments later, Akira and Adhira fell asleep. It was a precious moment for Moti. He clutched the piece of meat in his mouth and ran away from there. That day he ate the chunk of meat with a great appetite.

When both Akira and Adhira’s opened their eyes, both of them were amazed. The piece of flesh and Moti were not there. It was too late before they understood anything. They were looking at each other in melancholy.

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