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Feathers United: The Parrots’ Stand Against the Monkeys’ Mischief

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Welcome to a captivating short story of avian unity and mischievous adventures as wise Parrots unite against the pranks of a mischievous Monkey army. Curious about the adventures of Parrot and Monkey? Let’s dive into this engaging narrative together.

Once upon a time, a mango tree was in a forest, on which a parrot named Mithu made his abode. He and his family had been living gleefully on that for many years. They used to eat sweet mangoes from that tree. When the mango season was not there, they would go here and there to search for other fruits.

One day, in a mango season, Mittu went out as usual for some work. He was accompanied by His wife Rani and two children named Golu and Molu. Suddenly a herd of monkeys ambushed the mango tree and destroyed Mithu’s house. By evening, when Mithu and his family returned to their home, they became outraged by seeing their destroyed dwelling.

Mithu (on seeing mischievous monkeys) – Adorable friends, kindly leave our habitat. It is our abode, and we have been living here for years. Don’t demolish it.

Monkey’s monarch named Nandu (with a guffaw) – We will not go. Make your home somewhere else. Now I am the king of these mangos, and all these monkeys are my army.

Mithu (with furious) – Go away from here right now or prepare yourself for the results of your deeds.

Nandu (with arrogance) – Petty creature, what can you do? You have not the courage to fight with me and my powerful army. We will live here and imbibe the mango juice. Do whatever you can.

Nandu and his army laugh were a belly laugh. They quickly climbed to the top of the tree and started to eat mangoes. They threw the Mango kernels over the family of Mithu. Due to it, his children got hurt, and he became irritate.

Mithu and his family went to another tree. That night, Rani and Mittu couldn’t sleep. They were planning to teach a lesson to monkeys, but couldn’t get any idea. Suddenly, Rani got the point.

Rani (with joy) – We must go to our abode right now.

Mithu (interrupting the Rani) – Those devils will harass us.

Rani – Hey, I have diplomacy. We will collect our army of parrots. It is midnight, and the monkey army is still sleeping. We will hit them strenuously with our beak.

Mithu and his family reached near the mango tree with their army of parrots. They attacked the monkey army with their sharp beak, and due to it, all mischievous monkeys got injured. This war lasted for several days. In the end, all monkeys ran away from there.

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