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Story of a Village: Unveiling the Tale of a Daring Community

Last Updated: November 27, 2023

Embark on a journey with this captivating ‘Story of a Village,’ revealing the endurance and resilience of its inhabitants against the aridity in the fields. Curious to unravel more? Read on.

Once upon a time, Amar and his family were living a happy life. They were getting their livelihood by the crops in the fields. Almost all the families of the village used to farm. Their farming was depending on rainwater.

Once the situation became dreadful. It had not been raining for many days, and all crops got destroy in the fields. All farmers got upset and gathered at the house of sarpanch (the village head).

Farmers (pleading with one voice) – Sarpanch Ji, our agriculture has been destroying due to the aridity. How shall we live now? We have come here with great hope.

Sarpanch (listening to them carefully) – Dear friends, pardon me. I cannot help you. Before today, whenever there was no rain, I always came forward to help you. Now I am not able to help you; you can choose your path.

All farmers returned to their abode with disappointment. Amar could not sleep that night. The whole night, he was thinking about the solution of aridity. Suddenly, there was a thought in his mind, and he reached the sarpanch’s house as dawn was breaking.

Amar – Sarpanch Ji, we can save our village from this disaster.

Sarpanch (curiously) – How?

Amar – My father used to tell me about waterfalls that flowed from the mountains of this village, which disappeared some decades before. Digging the mountains can give us water. 

Sarpanch – This task is not easy. First, you have to gather all villagers. If they are ready to help you, it can be easy.

All farmers came to Sarpanch Ji’s house.

Sarpanch – Digging the mountains to get water is the only solution. Are you ready?

Villagers (with determination) – Yes, we are ready.

A few moments later, all children, women, and men gathered at the mountain. They started to dig mountains with joy. This excavation continues for several days, but they could not find a source of water. All villagers started losing their patience one by one, and one day they said to Amar, “We have to stop digging. There is no trace of water. It is a waste of time.”

All villagers returned to their homes, and some of them started to migrate to the city. The next day, Amar woke up with the resolution and started to go to the mountain. His wife Kamla and ten years daughter Jyoti also followed him and reached the site.

Amar, his wife, and daughter kept digging for several months, and eventually, one day came when their endurance, determination, and hard work paid off. Jyoti hit the ground with a small hoe, suddenly a sprinkling of water fell on her face. She jumped with joy and shouted, “Father, we have found!”

As this news spread in the village, all farmers gathered to help Amar. Everyone started digging, and in a short time, water springs started flowing from there. This way, they overcome aridity, and the village became prosperous once again.

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